The Solution that Optimally Meets Your Needs

Plasan offers integrated mobile solutions for homeland security missions. These solutions are aimed at offering territorial dominance over the last-mile, extending fixed deployed solutions. Our team of experts specialise in determining precisely which features are needed to effectively execute complex missions in different threat environments. Building on this expertise, they design and manufacture customised solutions to support mission success and provide a high level of survivability, optimally meeting the needs of:

Border Protection

Vehicles can be protected or unprotected, depending on the operational environment. Typically, protection from ballistic, blast and IED threats would secure vehicle operation in hot border regions. Off-road mobility supports mobile observation and rapid response along terrestrial and maritime borders. Such vehicles enable security forces and border guards to beef up certain sectors or shift operational weight along the border as required.

Special Forces Operations

Special operations of police and paramilitary forces require solutions featuring high speed and maneuverability, ballistic and IED protection. Rapid and flexible integration of sensors, command and control kits often comprise day/night and thermal cameras, cellular interception systems, command, control and communications gear etc. For specific long-range, search and rescue missions, such vehicles would also employ satellite communications.

Intelligence Missions

Specially equipped vehicles, which could also be designed for covert operations, are fitted with specific mission equipment to support intelligence collection, tracking and support. System integration is critical for efficient operation, minimizing cross-domain interference and optimizing operation, with command, control and secure communications facilitating operation with a minimal crew.

Disaster Management

Equipping special vehicles for disaster response, Plasan provides vehicle modification, adaptation, modeling and production of customized vehicles designed to support first responders, secure the area and assess the situation, rapidly deliver life saving equipment, emergency supply and services, supporting rapid deployment, peacekeeping operations and disaster relief operations.

Convoy & VIP Protection

Expanding Plasan’s legacy of force protection, the solutions offered for security agencies introduce advanced level of vehicle protection for VIP and field agents, mobile command posts and support elements, all covertly embedded and integrated into customer furnished vehicles. Plasan’s unique vehicle customization capabilities are particularly valuable in meeting those needs. Plasan harnesses the proven capabilities the company excels in – automotive modification and optimization, human engineering and efficient power management, to deliver the optimal answer for mission requirements. These capabilities are at the company’s core competence, proven in numerous vehicle modeling, modifications and manufacturing programs in the past.

Equally important for the ISR integration are the mission management, command and control systems, supporting the operators with efficient, flexible and mission functional operating systems, providing operator with clear and intuitive situational picture, showing all points of interest, targets and friendly forces.